Technology Advisory

A number of complex issues need to be considered and the right business decisions are required when making technology investment decisions. All too often vested interests can potentially get in the way of the optimal decision for a business. As an experienced trusted independent advisor Creed Development can provide the most appropriate guidance and recommendations to enable management to make the right decision for their business.

Creed Development's Technology Advisory Service Line provides its clients with the most appropriate guidance and support for aligning IT and business strategies, meeting compliance requirements, maintaining sustainability and delivering growth to their business through suitable Information Technology investment.

Creed Development's Technology Advisory Service Line takes advantage of the firm’s catalogue of case studies developed on its engagements with lessons learned, along with emerging industry research to provide the advice that best suits clients.

Creed Development is not aligned with any large software or hardware vendors, rather it aligns with industry partners which gives Creed Development true independence in the marketplace.

Creed Development's Technology Advisory Service Line complements Creed Development’s other business lines which are Project Services, Business Improvement and Organisational Change Management, and can provide the starting point for delivering organisational benefits through sound technology investment.

The Creed Development Technical Advisory Services include:

IT Strategy & Business Alignment

IT Performance & Management

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