About Us

As an international company working on three continents, our people work with our clients to realise new opportunities, stabilise and support their business and rise to the challenge of growth and change. Creed Development consultants are results-oriented, working for our clients to create, transform, trouble-shoot and deliver solutions. We pride ourselves on our enthusiastic culture of innovation, accountability and leadership with a diverse portfolio, including global organisations across multiple industry sectors. What's the secret of our success? It's actually no secret - it's our people. We invest in our people, they invest in our clients and everyone wins. Our people are passionate, pragmatic and highly skilled specialists from a broad range of backgrounds, with long-term experience across diverse industry sectors. We share core values of ethics, professionalism and integrity, while consistently demonstrating a passionate commitment to both corporate and social responsibility.

Our Vision

By providing a suite of specialist services, we deliver certainty to business initiatives through rigorous and comprehensive analysis and management based on industry best-practice. Our high professional standards and passion for service quality enable our teams to enjoy trusted relationship with clients - either as advisors or in key delivery roles. 

We work with a robust, triangular approach:

  • Strategy - leaders in strategic analysis with a rigorous result-driven ethos
  • Delivery - transforming strategy-into-action through proven business expertise and a business-value focus
  • Results - stewarding project and business transformation to achieve real business value and tangible results

Our Commitment

  • Trusted advisors that bring confidence, leadership and experience and enable informed customer decisions
  • Collaborative relationships based on trust, understanding and mutual respect
  • The deployment of leading solutions to offer more efficient business processes and a measurable return
  • Ability to manage change and deliver business advantage for sustainable organisational growth

Our Values

Our people and teams are supported by a strong and robust culture, which prides itself on an enthusiasm for learning and innovation. Our reputation as a preferred professional services provider and employer of choice is testimony to our long-standing respect for diversity in our people and the way we establish mutually beneficial client relationships.  

At Creed Development we value the following things:

  • Astuteness – fresh and resourceful thinking
  • Professionalism – quality, courtesy and behaviour
  • Pride & Passion – demonstrable commitment and enthusiasm
  • Collegiality - developing relationships with colleagues
  • Sustainability -  maintain a high level of quality
  • Fun -  demonstrate enjoyment

Our Corporate Responsibility

The volatile nature of today’s corporate environment means that prudent business practice has never been more important. Creed Development recognises that our employees, clients and wider community all benefit from the recognition and practice of Corporate Social Responsibility. Our company has a strong commitment to maintaining a set of values and standards that we believe are essential to delivering the best social outcomes for all. 

Management, Values & Principles: Creed Development believes that ethics form the basis of our consultancy. We pride ourselves on our company culture which regards astuteness, professionalism, passion, collegiality, sustainability and fun as our core values. Creed Development endeavours to incorporate these core values in all aspect of our business practice. 

Employees: Our people are our greatest strength. Respect, acceptance and diversity are an integral part of Creed Development’s culture and we commit to maintain and promote these values. We invest heavily in our people and strive to create a working environment that is conducive to helping them achieve their goals and improve their well being. Our staff have access to a variety of resources such as Professional Development sessions, Mentoring programs and E-learning to help them improve their knowledge and skills. 

Clients: Creed Development takes customer engagement and feedback very seriously. We engage with our clients frequently to elicit a deep understanding of their business needs in order to deliver superior solutions. 

Communities: Creed Development values community development. We have a long history of supporting charities by organising fundraising events and assisting where possible. We strongly encourage the involvement of our employees to collaborate with local organisations on community projects. We have partnered with one of our customers recently assisting their philanthropic activities in PC refurbishment and distribution to their nominated charities.

The Environment: Creed Development believes that our business must be accountable for our impact on the environment. We endeavour to minimize our footprint by reducing energy use, using recyclable materials where possible, and minimizing our need for transport. We are active in cleaning up our environment through our volunteering initiatives by removing harmful rubbish from our waterways.

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